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Lamar University, Science and Technology Building


Project Details

ClientLamar University


LocationBeaumont, TX

DeliveryConstruction Manager-at-Risk


Project Overview

The building contains instructional laboratories for upper-level biology, interdisciplinary flex research laboratories, and an innovation space to better serve students and faculty across all science disciplines and form strategic partnerships for various research initiatives. Flexible research labs serve organic and wet chemistry, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, computation, and engineering. The innovation space provides necessary capabilities to build and prototype research projects. The building also includes multipurpose space, faculty offices, and a senior leadership suite.


Unique Challenge

The main entry to the building had an acoustical ceiling with partially exposed ductwork and structure. During our BIM coordination process, a trade contractor discovered that as drawn, the ductwork would have been pushed lower from the ceiling structure than intended. We invited the design team to our next BIM coordination session where we reviewed duct configurations and relocations until we found an option that met the design intent and was still functional and constructible.

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