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Realistic schedules. Promises kept.

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We provide a hands-on approach to schedule management.

The strength of our schedule management approach is our ability to develop a realistic and honest schedule, to hold our staff and trade contractors accountable to it, and to be transparent in our communication with everyone involved in the project.

Based in Reality

At Vaughn Construction, when it comes to developing project schedules, we don’t just tell you what you want to hear or commit to a date we know is unrealistic. When we commit to a completion date, you can take it to the bank. Why? Because before we ever commit to that date, we evaluate whether it is achievable. We evaluate all project risks, logistics and critical path activities. We consider the obtainability of materials. We scrutinize the available labor resources. And we look at historical data from similar commercial construction projects. Only then do we devise a wise plan of attack to ensure your project finishes on time. When we promise, it’s because we know we can really deliver.


Other general contractors produce a schedule; but they don’t really use it to truly manage the project. On Vaughn Construction job sites, we conduct pull planning sessions each morning to review milestones, get trade contractor buy-in, and assign resources as needed to meet schedule goals. In addition, both the Vaughn Construction project director and an independent senior-level Vaughn employee review the schedule each month to ensure it is achievable and to identify gaps in sequencing strategy, staffing levels, or milestones in jeopardy. We course correct along the way, so we deliver your project when promised.



From the moment we begin a commercial construction project, we have honest conversations with every party related to the project – our clients, the design team, and our trade contractors – to set realistic expectations and a commitment to meet our milestones. Our project manager and superintendent monitor the schedule daily and update it to reflect activities in the field. Assessing the schedule each day and holding planning meetings each morning allows us to effectively share information critical to completing the project on time. There is no confusion and there are no excuses…we lay it all out for everyone to see.

“One of the reasons why UHD reps enjoy working with your firm is because you are creative problem solvers. We appreciate that you came to this meeting with proposed solutions to the challenges we now face, schedule‐wise, as we look to move the CUP to the north. Your plan for how to hold to the current schedule, with a couple of proposed work‐arounds is really good.”


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