Is it possible to achieve excellent building performance on day one?

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When you move into a new facility, you want it to look, function, and perform exactly as it was designed.

More importantly, you want your building to continue to look, function, and perform for decades, as well as it did on day one. How does Vaughn Construction deliver the building you want? Quality control and commissioning. At Vaughn Construction, we have an in-house team of full-time professionals dedicated to ensuring we deliver quality commercial building projects that function right from day one.

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Proactive Problem Solving

At some companies, quality control and commissioning professionals are viewed as the “keepers of issues.” They drop a list of issues in your lap, but they don’t offer any solutions on how to fix them. At Vaughn Construction, we take a different approach to quality control. We provide solutions. Our goal is to be involved early enough in the construction management process to avoid issues altogether. Our quality control starts during preconstruction when we develop a project-specific quality control plan, create a checklist for every definable scope of work, and review every drawing for constructability and quality. All of these up-front efforts mean less rework during construction, which results in a better quality building.

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Multi-Level Inspections

Our in-house quality control department performs our own inspections, twice, before you arrive on site for your first quality inspection. We view ourselves as the Owner’s representatives, and quality control is our top priority, just like yours. With this three-point inspection, our team ensures every piece of equipment, every system, every door, and every window functions as it should before the final walk-through.

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State-of-the-Art Tools and Technology

Quality control and commissioning is not just about our people and our processes – it’s also about the technology and tools we use to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. Building mock-ups help you visualize what your building will look like. Laser scanning and infrared scanners identify existing conditions and reduce rework. Integrated systems tests ensure power systems function correctly. Testing and balancing gives you a fully optimized and well-balanced HVAC system. We use a variety of tools and technology to make sure we’re giving you the best possible building, that functions as designed, on day one of your occupancy.


At Vaughn Construction, we treat your buildings as if they are our own. We are fully committed to doing it once, doing it right, so you get exactly what you want.

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