How can a builder deliver on your commitment to the community?

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As a public entity, you must be accountable to your stakeholders.

For construction, that means your projects must stay in budget, open when promised, and be built to last. As a provider of commercial construction for public agencies across Texas for 30+ years, Vaughn Construction builds public facilities that meet stakeholder expectations.


Maximize Public Dollars

Public institutions have a responsibility to spend taxpayer dollars efficiently. We support this responsibility by treating your money as if it were our own. Our goal is to optimize your budget, reduce contingencies, and return savings back to the project early. To protect your financial investment, we analyze the building’s life cycle cost and maximize cost-efficient construction methods and materials. Our focus on the total project cost, not just the construction cost, ensures you get the most for your money.


Open When Promised

The opening of a new public facility is a much-anticipated event in the eyes of the community it serves. To be accountable to your stakeholders, you must keep your promises regarding the completion of these facilities. That's why the facilities we build open on time, no matter what. By focusing on key construction milestones and controlling the critical path, we overcome unforeseen events to maintain the schedule.


Stand the Test of Time

As a public agency, your facilities need to stand the test of time, and have minimal maintenance and repairs. The longevity of the building is directly related to the durability of construction materials and the quality of the installation. We know how to construct facilities that can endure the high volume of daily use by the public. We select the right equipment and materials, and the best construction methods to deliver institutional buildings that last.


Completed Projects

City of College Station Police Department

Texas Facilities Commission North Austin Complex Phase One

Houston First Convention Center Improvements, Partnership Tower, and Parking Garage


No Project Too Small or Too Complex

As a full-service institutional construction firm, we can serve all your construction needs on campus, regardless of size, from small renovations and additions, to enabling projects for larger construction initiatives, to new facilities. We offer a depth of resources and can scale our construction workforce to meet your project requirements.

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Knowledge That Impacts You

The Vaughn Construction quarterly advisory informs you of the latest construction-related news, such as material price escalations, new laws or construction methods that could impact your next project. We share our insights to help save time and money on your commercial building project.

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