People First.


Our goal is for each craft construction worker who arrives at our job site to go home in better condition than when they arrived.

In broader terms, our goal is to have each craft construction worker who leaves our project report to the next job more educated and informed about good safety practices and more concerned for fellow workers.


Our Safety Philosophy

Our philosophy on safety is that every person at Vaughn Construction, from the CEO to the newest construction worker on a project, has the ability and responsibility to ensure everyone around them is working safely. We actively engage our craft construction workers and trade contractor personnel in evaluating safety risks. Each of our construction employees have the ability to stop unsafe acts, empowering them with a sense of ownership for safety. This approach has yielded excellent safety results over the years and has set all of our employees on a mission to eliminate safety incidents. At Vaughn Construction, it is our fundamental belief that a safe workplace leads to greater productivity and quality craftsmanship.

Commit to Safe Environment

We vow to provide a safe environment for our people. This commitment begins at the top with our company leaders. They believe in a zero-injury approach to safety, and actively support this culture through their hands-on involvement in job site safety audits with construction crews, through our leadership engagement program. Their participation directly correlates to the reduction of safety incidents on the job site.

Safety is about people, not statistics, but our track record is proof that our safety program is effective.


Ranked #1 in our best of the best peer group for lowest number of recordables in 2017-18.


Three-time winner of the Texas contractor with the most annual hours worked without a lost time injury.


2014 through 2019: 9.6 million hours worked without a lost-time injury.


2014 through 2020: Over 99 percent of our projects were incident and injury-free; both for Vaughn employees and our trade contractor's employees.

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C3 Initiative

We also believe a safe, skilled, and sustainable craft workforce positively impacts our construction projects. That’s why Vaughn is one of the founding members of the C3 initiative and advocates for its use on our projects. We have participated on numerous C3 projects over the last five years and we were recently recognized as a C3 accredited employer.

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