What if your builder could solve problems before you broke ground?


A successful construction project begins long before we ever put a shovel in the ground.

Every decision you make during preconstruction impacts the project’s cost, schedule, and quality during construction. As a construction manager, it’s our job to work hand-in-hand with you and the design team and help you make decisions in the best interest of the project.

Ask the Right Questions

In preconstruction, we ask questions. Lots of questions! It’s the only way we know to ensure you get the building you want, for the money you have, in the timeframe you need it, and with the quality you expect. Questions help us develop accurate estimates, a good construction sequence and site logistics plan, a realistic schedule, and helps the design team produce better drawings. All of which give you a better project.


Not only do we ask lots of questions, we ask lots of people. We want input and answers not just from you and your building users, but from the design team, our construction team, our quality control team, our safety team, and the trade contractors. Our collaborative approach ensures we examine all scopes, understand all details, and quantify all aspects of the project before construction starts. This process helps eliminate cost surprises, accelerate construction, and maximize your building program.


Develop Cost Estimates You Can Trust

We provide extremely detailed cost estimates with as many as 70 line items. We also provide color-coded floor plans to show you how we derived the cost estimates. These color-coded floor plans also aid the design team by ensuring our estimates capture all the scope. Our goal is to make sure the first estimate we produce has the most detail possible, because its easier to take scope and dollars out of a project during the design than to add them in during construction.

With Vaughn Construction’s detailed preconstruction effort, you will get a smoother construction process and a successful project.

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