What makes Vaughn unique?

What makes us unique is what makes your project successful: our people and our resources. We will deliver as many people and resources as necessary to complete your project on time, within budget, and with the level of quality that exceeds your expectations.


Collaborative Project Leaders - Our company has a reputation for fair, respectful, and valued treatment of the entire project team, from the owner, to architects and engineers, to the trade contractors. Teamwork and Integrity are two of our core values. Why? Because we understand our critical position: We are accountable for turning your project into reality. The only way we can do this is through collaboration: with you and your user groups, with architects, engineers, consultants, and with our trade contractor partners. It is our job to inspire all team members to perform to the best of their ability. We accomplish this by treating everyone with respect, and by making sure the best interest of your project comes before our own or anyone else’s. 


Technical Specialists - As a large company, we have the talent to solve any construction challenge you may have. We have in-house specialists for every division of work, from MEP to building envelope, concrete to carpentry. They include design professionals, certified commissioning agents, LEED accredited professionals, Building Information Modeling specialists, and building envelope and waterproofing specialists. This team of specialists makes sure your project is constructed in the best manner possible, meets our high standards of quality for craftsmanship and functionality, and exceeds your expectations at every step along the way. 

Talented Craft Workers - If your project is intricate, detailed, and complex, then Vaughn is your contractor. We have a substantial team of craft workers who perform everything from demolition and earthwork to concrete, steel erection, and carpentry. Our in-house construction crews take great pride in their work. Their ability to focus on the smallest of details and their commitment to quality distinguishes Vaughn’s people from other contractors.




Robust Preconstruction Services - We believe excellence in preconstruction services may save you as much as 3-5% off the cost of your project. How? By effectively estimating the cost, evaluating the documents, and planning the implementation of the project from Day One. Our preconstruction program has been upheld by our clients as a model by which they measure other contractors. When it comes to trusting whether your contractor can deliver your project with the cost, speed, safety, and quality they promise, examine your contractor’s approach to preconstruction services.


Technology - Whether it’s through the use of tablet PCs and laser scanners in the field, or our virtual reality studio in the office, Vaughn is a technologically advanced construction company. We incorporate the latest virtual design and construction applications into our construction process to supplement our traditional methods of planning and executing construction projects. The benefits of having a sophisticated and technology-savvy company like Vaughn build your project include predictability, efficiency and cost certainty.  We aggressively utilize virtual design and construction to identify constructability and cost challenges as early as possible, leading to a more efficient building process that saves you time and money. 


Our Project Expertise  

We do not strive to build all things for all people; rather we commit to long-term partnerships with our clients by focusing on our core competencies. Over 95% of our work is repeat business. As a result of this focus, we have maintained a constant but controlled growth over the last 25+ years. View our portfolio. While many of our construction projects are large new buildings on greenfield sites, as much or more of our work is comprised of small renovation and addition projects for existing clients, a testament to our ability to fully service all of your building needs, regardless of size.

We have successfully built some of the largest and most challenging structures in our market, and completed the most complex renovations, within very sensitive occupied facilities. We have built several unique, best-in-class facilities in Texas, such as: 

The Greater Harris County Tom Bass 9-1-1 Emergency Network Facility, one of the largest centralized 9-1-1 emergency dispatch facilities in the state, serving 49 cities in two counties. It has become a model for other facilities across Texas.

The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Galveston National Laboratory (GNL) at University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston, which contains the first Biological Safety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory in Texas, and is one of only two such facilities that serves as part of a national biodefense network.
One of the first open-shell cyclotron facilities in the state for the leading cancer treatment hospital in the nation, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Installed at the South Campus Research Building 3, it is the nation’s largest academic facility for the production and research of imaging agents.