Virtual Construction

How Does Virtual Construction Benefit My Project?

At Vaughn, our goal is to deliver a building that functions properly and is easy for you to maintain so it can achieve its maximum life expectancy. Virtual construction is one of the methods we use to achieve that goal. More than just Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual construction uses a variety of technologies to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective building process. Our virtual construction program delivers four benefits: 

  1. A building that is easier to maintain and meets or exceeds its life expectancy 
  2. Better as-built documentation to support future additions and renovations  
  3. A safer, more efficient construction process, which saves you time and money 
  4. A well-documented quality control process so your building is fully commissioned upon completion. 

We will customize our virtual construction program to your needs. We can help you determine how to get the most value out of the virtual construction process and help you decide what deliverables will be most beneficial to you at the completion of the project. 

Building Information Modeling

We launched our BIM program in 2004 and now have a 6-person team capable of modeling the entire scope of a project. Our preconstruction managers, project managers and superintendents utilize BIM and other technology on a daily basis to construct your project. 

We use BIM to help with:

  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimating 
  • Constructability review
  • Construction process simulation
  • Scope gap identification 
  • Coordination and clash detection 
  • Quality control 
  • Commissioning 
  • Project close-out



Digital Laser Scanning

For renovations of existing buildings, we often use laser scanning to take 3D measurement of your building’s existing conditions and create an exact digital reproduction of it. We are the only firm in Texas that self-performs the integration of laser scan point clouds into building models. This allows us to create intelligent models and provide you with accurate base maps, volumetric studies, documentation of building construction, façade and structural deformation analysis, and product geometry, before we start construction.  It helps us better plan for unforeseen conditions in renovation projects, which saves you time and money.

Digital scan of an existing hospital mechanical room, with modeling of new water tanks.

Construction Animation

We can animate our building models to help you experience virtual construction of your project, including scheduling and sequencing the work. Using this animation also gives us more accuracy in our delivery, we can analyze the design for constructability, more clearly communicate installation processes and sequencing with trade workers and train your staff on operating facility equipment. For example the animation below was used to verify the space requirements and installation sequencing of an air handler unit in the basement of an existing facility.