is vaughn a safe company?

"safety first - every task, every day"

This mantra is infused into every aspect of our corporate culture. Our employee recognition and incentive programs center around safe conduct. Vaughn team members who demonstrate exemplary performance in the area of safety receive a coveted gold hard hat.

Our safety record is extremely important, not only because we believe that offering a safe work environment is ethically and morally the right thing to do for our employees, but because our productivity and the success of your project depend on it. We understand that time is money. With few or no lost time incidents, our workforce is more productive, which keeps your project on schedule and in budget.

We have 25 full-time certified safety professionals who monitor every job and ensure all work is performed in accordance with our safety program requirements.  The performance reviews of our superintendents and project managers include safety as a primary component. All of our employees complete 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA training, depending on their position in the company. 

When incidents occur, we approach accountability in a way that benefits the individuals and Vaughn Construction as a whole. We find ways to prevent the incident from occurring again and distribute lessons learned to the entire company, so everyone can learn from any safety event. 

We have found that through creativity, we can perform our work safely, at a competitive cost, with good quality, and on time. Most people would say you can’t achieve all four elements. With our resources, both at the project and corporate level, we find a way to get it done.