Quality Control

How Does Vaughn Measure Quality?

At Vaughn, our commitment to quality is as important as our commitment to safety. Quality Control is a separate department managed independently from the operations team, to maintain its objectivity in evaluating the quality of your project. The strength of our Quality Control program is best illustrated by the team members at Vaughn who comprise this department. We offer a dedicated and diverse staff of 27 professionals whose sole responsibility is quality control and commissioning. Their backgrounds range from degreed professionals to former craft workers. Several are certified commissioning agents and certified U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CQM professionals.

Highlights of our quality control process:

  • Corporate QC plan tailored to your project
  • QC Checklist for every definable scope of work, tailored to your project
  • In-house testing of building system and building envelope with our own equipment, including sound and vibration meters, infared cameras, spray rigs, etc.
  • Utilization of contract documents and applicable reference materials like ASTM, ANSI, AMMA, NFPA, etc.
  • Corporate QC Committee that constantly researches, reviews and enhances our QC Program

Our quality control procedure is an ongoing process that occurs throughout the construction process, not a start/stop activity. At your final inspection, we aim to have zero items on your punch list. We try to achieve this goal by maintaining a rolling punch list to correct deficiencies as they occur, rather than waiting until substantial completion. This allows you to occupy the facility as soon as it is completed.

We utilize iPads in the field to help track and resolve any outstanding construction or warranty issues. The interactive, web-based database enables our clients, our project management team, and our field operations staff to notify, communicate, update, and resolve project issues in a real time environment.