How can Vaughn help me get the most out of my construction dollars?

Whether this is your first building project or your 50th, you probably recognize that every design decision impacts the project’s budget, schedule or quality – in most cases all three. Our job is to explore all the “what if” scenarios with you and help you fully understand the impact of each decision on these three factors. We proactively engage with your entire project team, at the earliest stage, to thoroughly examine the cost, schedule, construction, commissioning and life cycle implications of design decisions. This process helps you make the best choice for maximizing the value for your construction dollars and meeting your project’s budget, schedule, and quality goals.


We have a reputation among our clients for delivering the most detailed and accurate preconstruction program in the market. Our preconstruction service is more than just a baseline budget. It is a comprehensive, detail-oriented, three-pronged approach that includes robust cost estimates, a thorough review of all design and construction documents and a comprehensive operational plan. These three components work together to eliminate cost surprises, accelerate construction, and maximize the building program for your budget.

1. COST ESTIMATING – How can you be sure Vaughn's cost estimates are correct? Our company's foundation as a self-performing contractor means that we have built our business and our reputation on knowing what things cost. Before we put a cost estimate together, we perform model-enhanced massing studies, analyze the first cost and life cycle cost of the proposed building materials, and consider a variety of ways to build your project. By thoroughly evaluating these different options, you receive the most comprehensive cost information available. We also analyze current local market conditions, consider bid strategies, apply sustainable building approaches, and see where our in-house capabilities might add value to your project. This approach, combined with our extensive historical database of cost components, is what makes Vaughn’s cost estimates the most accurate and comprehensive in the market. Many of our clients have been known to use our estimates to help secure funding for major capital projects.

2. DOCUMENT REVIEW – How can you be assured that your project can actually be built as it is designed, and within the allotted schedule and budget? At every design milestone, a team of construction professionals (including the preconstruction manager, the project manager, the superintendent and our constructability review specialist,) evaluates the design for constructability and quality. We work hand-in-hand with your architects and engineers to make sure the final set of Construction Documents provides the appropriate detail necessary to efficiently build your project. We also evaluate the abilities of the local subcontractor market to perform the work. By thoroughly analyzing the documents, we can reduce the number of change orders, conflicts, and RFIs that stall construction. You benefit from a smoother project delivery and fewer surprises during construction.

3. OPERATIONAL PLANNING – How can your project be built safely, expediently and efficiently? More than just a site logistics plan, our operational plan addresses such details as severe weather preparedness, job hazards, equipment testing and commissioning, quality control, FF&E coordination, building occupancy plans, team communication protocols, and project reporting. The benefit to you is a well thought out approach to how we build your project, which ultimately saves time and money.




"The preconstruction team's performance has been exemplary. Vaughn has diligently worked to ensure that costs and design issues presented have been managed within our established budgets."

Patrick Lew, Senior Project Manager, University of Texas System



"On both a regional and national level, Vaughn has demonstrated extensive knowledge of construction materials and market. Their acumen in understanding the bidding community and market environment has been especially keen."

Stephen Milner, AIA, Principal, Perkins + Will



"The services your firm provided us during our start-up of design on the Willowbrook project enabled us to set and maintain a realistic budget and schedule early on in the project. As the project progressed into 50% of the construction completion, the estimate and schedule have stood the test of time." 

Sid Sanders, Vice President, Facilities Planning and Construction, Houston Methodist Hospital System