How Does Vaughn Ensure My Building Will Work Properly?

Our goal for every project is to deliver a building that functions properly and can attain its maximum life expectancy. Because so many of our projects are high-performance buildings with complex systems, we offer in-house commissioning services to help achieve that goal.

Vaughn is one of the few construction companies in Texas to offer in-house commissioning. With 8 full-time certified commissioning agents on staff, we can fully commission your facility so all systems are complete, function properly, and add value to the facility’s life cycle. We firmly believe commissioning must be an integral part of the project delivery process, from design through construction and occupancy. The benefit you gain by having our commissioning department’s oversight for the entire duration is a well-coordinated facility that meets your specific performance criteria. Commissioning is not complete until users have occupied the facility and it is operating to their satisfaction.

Our commissioning procedure is a quality-oriented process for achieving, testing and documenting the performance all life safety systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems and plumbing systems. Once we complete all individual equipment and/or systems testing, we perform a full Integrated Systems Test (IST) to verify all the systems work in conjunction with each other as specified.

"Best-in-Class" Industry Expertise

Biosafety laboratories (BSL) are among the most difficult projects to construct and commission. Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4), the highest and most secure level of biological containment, is the most challenging. Of the three BSL-4 facilities that exist in Texas, our firm has commissioned two. We have also constructed and commissioned ABSL-3, ABSL-2, BSL-3 enhanced, BSL-3 and BSL-2 facilities.

If you are seeking LEED or Green Globes certifications, our in-house commissioning agents work hand in glove with your Third Party agent. We look for ways to make the systems more efficient, and pre-commission the building to exceed the LEED-enhanced commissioning requirement. We have commissioned LEED Platinum, Gold and Silver buildings.