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We actively recruit new college graduates to join our team, either through our internship program or through full-time employment. Our entry-level position for college graduates is known as Project Engineer. As a Project Engineer, you are teamed with more experienced project managers and superintendents to gain valuable experience in both project administration and production. All new employees have the opportunity to branch into estimating, quality control, field engineering, safety, supervision and project management.

Internship Testimonial

Brad Canon interned with Vaughn in the fall of 2015 while he was a student at Texas A&M University. At the conclusion of his internship, he was offered a full-time position. He graduated in 2016 and joined Vaughn full-time as a project engineer.


As a proactive contributor to our industry, we believe in providing the future builders of America with real world work experience through our Intern positions. Our “hands on” approach gives you significant responsibilities which we expect you to perform at a high level. In return, you receive training specific to your field, exposure to the complete building process, and career-enhancing networking opportunities. The experience you will gain through our program will be an integral part of your development as a leader in the construction industry. We offer internships as an opportunity for our management to identify your potential as a prospective employee, and evaluate your performance for possible full-time employment while allowing you to determine whether our firm is a good cultural fit. 
Format - Our internship program does not follow a set curriculum or rotate you through different departments to “watch and learn.” Instead, our “hands on” program treats you just like a full-time employee and gives you as much responsibility as you are willing to embrace and capable of handling. This approach allows you to become familiar and comfortable with everything from our scheduling and estimating programs to our field and job site management. We customize your internship experience to your individual needs and interests and tailor it to meet your university’s requirements. 

Timeframe - We offer Spring, Fall and Summer internships, or a combination thereof. Depending on your needs, your internship can last an entire semester, or during a summer break between academic sessions. 

Eligibility - Our internship program is open to college students who are enrolled at an accredited four- or five-year college or university. 

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Upcoming Recruiting Fairs

University Career Fair
Colorado State University Construction Management Career Fair September 25, 2018
Louisiana State University Construction Interviewing Day October 11, 2018
Sam Houston State University Engineering Technology Career Fair September 20, 2018
Texas A&M University CIAC Construction Science Career Fair September 13 - 14, 2018
Texas State University Construction and Concrete Industries Career Fair September 27, 2018
Texas Tech University Whitacre College of Engineering Career Fair September 19, 2018
University of North Texas Engineering and Computer Science Career and Internship Fair October 4, 2018

Contact an Alumnus

University Alumnus Position with Vaughn
Louisiana State University Lucas Hubbard Project Manager
Oklahoma State University Jeff Jones Construction Director
Sam Houston State University Scott Motal Quality Control Manager
Texas A&M University Brad Wendler Senior Project Manager
Texas State University Brian DeVaney Project Manager
Texas Tech University Luke Vaden Senior Project Manager
University of Houston John Kilsby Superintendent
University of Texas at Austin Jason Richards Project Manager
University of Texas at El Paso Pedro Guiterrez Quality Control Manager